About SAM

Are you a nature lover?  Someone who always wonders what both sides are to the latest scientific controversy? Want to learn a bit more about some aspects of science in a simplistic manner?  Or just want to learn what’s going on in my head/society/the world/communication?  Then this is the blog for you, come back intermittently to find new blog posts (sorry I am a bit busy being a student currently).

Hello everyone my name is Sam, and this is my blog.  I’ll be going over a variety of things on this blog including my thoughts on some current scientific breakthroughs as well as hotly contested feuds within these. These updates on the current scientific world along with some fun to follow science educational lessons are my goal. Occasionally you may even see some analyzing of contemporary communication of science and how it affects this generation(millennials if you didn’t pick up on that). Peering through these many topics may seem like an eclectic mix, but I plan to address all of these points and more in this blog.  I am always open to feedback about what you may think, ideas for more posts, and even challenges to my  reflections.

A bit of background about myself, I was born in Racine, Wisconsin and raised there until I went off to college at UW-Madison.  At UW-Madison I majored in Plant Pathology and Life Science Communications graduating in May of 2017.  I host a variety of interests that range from the tiniest microbes in the ground under your feet to the future of humanity in space. Really most aspects of the world around us I can find a fascination in, so follow my blog and follow the passion!

Warning: I may use slightly off beat humor during these videos so be prepared for an informative fun video instead of other boring informational videos you may see around.


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