Are Your Bananas Turning Brown?

You ever wonder why it seems like your bananas go bad more quickly in a bag or in the fridge? That’s because they do. When bananas and other perishable items like onions and apples are held in an enclosed environment they become riper! This is due to a magic gas known as ethylene this magic is also known as physiology.

Physiology is the study of how living systems work. The bananas has unique physiology from humans for many reasons; different hormones, different energy sources, and of course the facts that they are plants and we are humans! These are a few of the differences of the two with bananas being delicious and if you eat humans…

One of the hormones that is important for fruit ripening mentioned earlier is ethylene. This hormone is a gas and is important for the pathway of fruit ripening by signaling the fruit to break down its tough cells to create the way for yummy mushiness.

This yummy mushiness is what we know as ripe bananas! These tough cells are usually chlorophyll which is necessary for the banana to grow. Breaking down of these and other cells by ethylene causes the banana to become soft and less acidic.

So why bananas become so much more ripe than these other fruits? Bananas produce a ton more ethylene than other common fruits. This causes it sometimes to overripe itself.  This makes it undesirable to most of us, but does not mean the fruit has went bad!

Many often mistake overripe bananas that have been placed in a bag (basically suffocating in its own ethylene) for going bad. In reality these fruit’s just have caused themselves to ripen a lot. This creates a perfectly sweet banana.

Watch this awesome video of a bunch of bananas ripening.

I hope this advice helps you keep your bananas prime for eating days past them turning brown!


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