My LSC Journey

For all of you kids out there wondering what to major in I will give you a quick look into my path. I began going into college knowing I wanted to science but not having any idea what kind of science or what I would do with it. 

My name is Sam and I am now a senior graduating with a degree in Life Science Communications and Plant Pathology. This was not quite the path I had in mind when I came to UW-Madison, but I would not want it any other way. I came into school thinking that I wanted to become a research scientist, but quickly realizing that research wasn’t for me I looked for other avenues to still get my science fix.

This started my freshmen year taking introductory communications class, being indecisive as I am, I could not choose between the speaking or writing class so I decided to choose the class that incorporated both. This led me to taking my first class in the major; LSC 100: Science and Storytelling, right up my alley, right? Yet this was just a dip and my first taste of the major.


Once I realized I should attain another major to complement my background in science, LSC was a logical choice. I had decided in the fall that I would pair my degree in an unknown biology concentration at the time (I eventually decided upon Plant Pathology) with the Life Science Communications major.


Without looking back, I signed up for two classes LSC 212 and 251, both required courses. Dietram’s teachings in 251 quickly enticed me to the major with the ideas he evoked. His research and reasoning made me feel at home; that I wasn’t fantasizing that there were many people whom were blind to scientific evidence.


This created a drive in me to combine ideas from LSC 212, a journalism class taught by award winning Ron Seely, and the realization that popular science wasn’t necessarily popular opinion from Dietram’s class. This made me want to reach out and educate folks about why science is such a necessity in our daily lives but in a fashion that would have a positive impact. My only problem being I needed an outlet for this information.


This next semester I decided to take a class on something that I had always had interest in as a hobby, video production with Patty Loew. This class had brought me back to something I loved and gave me insight on how I could effectively reach audiences to make them more scientifically literate. This would assist bridging the knowledge gap theory that Dietram brought about in his class. This video class reignited my creativity and gave me a path I needed to pursue.


I have taken a handful of other LSC classes from communication research to marketing to two social media classes with the touted Dan Stanley to learn about the process of branding and marketing needed on these new social multimedia platforms. My capstone was one of the best experiences yet combining all of these skills to create a social marketing campaign to improve recycling behavior at Union South.


These classes giving practical experience along with marketable skills for the workplace makes LSC a brilliant plan and idea for any student.


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