Why You Should Start Using the Future in Educational Science Communication: Video

You may be wondering what is a way that we can improve education in America? My answer is video, I find that videos can captivate audiences much more thoroughly than blocks of text ever will. The captivation factor along with the ease of accessibility that video offers truly propels it past traditional forms of education. I believe that this can be one of the easiest ways to make education both available as well as interesting for audiences that don’t want to sift through scientific publications to learn about what is going on in the world.

YouTube, the leading video hosting site on the internet has tons of educational content ranging from how to sew a button onto a shirt to introductions to string theory. Having this wide breadth of  knowledge available for free at your fingertips is one of the best resources available to our world right now. This content is ready for use by anyone and is generally current in terms of new software tutorials and scientific validity.

Educational videos on YouTube about science are plentiful with thousands of videos available on the transcription and translation of DNA alone. If you don’t know what this is check out this search and learn how these two mechanisms work and why they are essential for life. Still not sure why DNA does this?

That’s exactly it. These videos are too difficult to digest for the average viewer. I am going to use an analogy of only seeing three parts of a movie the beginning, middle, and end to help show how people can still learn even if these people aren’t going into a field of biology or have a higher level knowledge of biology. Really to understand what a movie is about you only have to see the beginning and the end right? You can get the main ideas and talk about it with your friends. When you see the middle of the movie then you can truly understand what is going on but if you’re not that in to it then there is no reason to watch the entire movie, or in this case learn the extreme details of DNA replication.

First they may know about the first step of what DNA is and how it is the basis of life this is much like the introduction to a movie getting the feel for a movie in a concise form. However they may not know what the middle of the entire conflict and all of its details are, basically how DNA and molecular biology work to recreate itself, much like a movie that you do not see the middle part of. Then there is the even bigger picture of getting to the end of the movie and seeing how it all matters this is much like understanding about DNA recreating itself and why it matters for us. Making these leaps is not always as easy as your watching the beginning and the end of a movie and then understanding the process, however it does mean that yes you can skip this middle part and still get the gist of what is being displayed. This can be easily done if some of the minutia is taken out that the scholars require.  Attempting to help the audience build a bridge over what they don’t know or the middle of the movie can be done although it takes a lot more effort than just describing the beginning and the end!

If you are able to take out this minutia of information, that will lose the general populous’ interest but keep your hardcore scientists hooked with what they already know, then you will be on your way to entertaining your audience. For further relating and education I recommend taking a more human approach working on being authentic with your audience. This helps in creating a connection between the audience and the video! Creating this connection is key to hold on to interest and concentration they are giving towards the video.

Being human and yourself is huge and also a key to being entertaining, unless you are a boring person then communications is likely not the field for you. My goals is to create a new style of edutainment that can sustainable for both a few laughs as well as lessons on how and why we should appreciate the natural world around us. Creating videos is an excellent way to take hold of someones interest and make sure you have their full attention that’s why I believe education through video is going to be the next big thing!

These many subjects available for a variety of scientific topics, are on YouTube with tons of videos explaining the information from textbooks and professionals behind it. Yet the American people still are not captivated by these videos and information; then the question becomes what is wrong with these videos? Do they not provide all of the information needed to fully understand these subjects? Are they not interesting, fun, or human enough?

This is where I want to make my niche.


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